Research Methodology in Management Sciences


  • Sara BAYOUD
  • Majdouline HOUMADA
  • Nadia AMZIL



Méthodologie, épistémologie, paradigmes, Quantitative, Qualitative.


In management sciences the choice of a research methodology is generally complex and requires a meticulous analyse to find the adequate epistemology posture because the management sciences it is considered as a key step in the enhancement of scientific research work, generally, and particularly, in the study of management practices.

The purpose of this article is to shed light on the diverse paradigms and on the distinctions between quantitative and qualitative methodologies, that govern the management sciences research landscape.

Moreover, this article aims to analyse the theoretical foundations: the issues, meaning, contours and theoretical foundations of the epistemology posture in management science, but also to clarify the necessary elements that the researcher need to opt for the epistemological choice and its appropriate paradigms and the method of reasoning to defend his thesis.

To answer these questions, this work will be divided into two parts. Firstly, it involves analysing the theoretical foundations via a literature review of the construction of reasoning and the paradigms of the epistemological posture. Secondly, we will move on to the epistemological aspect appropriate specifically in management sciences.




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BAYOUD, S. ., HOUMADA, M. ., & AMZIL, N. . (2024). Research Methodology in Management Sciences. International Journal of Strategic Management and Economic Studies (IJSMES), 3(2), 540–549.